David Fleury, President, AMPLIFY Technical Solutions, LLC

AMPLIFY Technical Solutions, LLC was established as a technical services company to support other companies as a virtual team member to help them succeed in their projects.  Having to hire full time engineering support for a project requirement or just to get the job done is a very expensive endeavor.  Not only do you have their salary, but you have all the benefits and overhead just to have them under your roof.  As a virtual team member, you can pay by the hour or we can provide a fixed firm price to support your job and work remotely, with our software and hardware, paying for our own benefits.  The future of the highly technically skilled worker is heading toward being a virtual team member for small to medium sized companies to meet industry demand. The virtual team member is also a viable solution to supplement large companies under a peak of high demand.  When the project is complete and you are satisfied, you can call us the next time you need support.

In today’s technical world communication is “easy”.  You can communicate in so many different ways these days: picking up the phone (one of my favorites); sending an email; having virtual on-line meetings where I can show you your design right on my screen; sending you 3D pdf’s to review the design without having to download the software viewer; the options are endless.  These types of communication lend themselves to support virtual team members.  Not to mention CAD in 2017, and now the 2018 versions being released, support communication between multiple platforms.  The day of being tied to a CAD platform and sub-contractor because they had the same CAD platform as you is over!  CAD is being translated between the various systems such as CREO, SolidWorks, and Inventor without losing the ability to modify or update the model files.

I am President and founder of AMPLIFY Technical Solutions, LLC, and an extremely hard working individual.  I strive to provide the very best quality work and products to meet or exceed the project requirements and customer expectations.  I have 17 years of extremely diverse engineering experience which includes everything from cost estimation, proposal requirements, creating documentation and processes, and various levels of mechanical design. I have worked with many customers and vendors and truly enjoy creating the best possible product.